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Rockie Zeigler III, CFP®



My name is Rockie Zeigler III, CFP®. No that's not my real name. It's Roscoe, and I'm the 3rd actually. Everyone asks that the first time they meet me, so there you go. I'm originally from Normal Illinois. Yes, Normal Illinois, and yes, it's pretty "normal." (See what I did there?) I've lived in Peoria Illinois for 17 years, so that means I'm 100% Central Illinois homegrown.

Let's see, what else? Well, I'm a Notre Dame football partisan. I'm a loyal St. Louis Cardinals baseball fanatic. I love golf. Watching it, playing it, everything about it. I love playing basketball too, but I don't care to watch it much. I know, it's strange.  

I operate a finance/investment/pop culture/personal growth blog website because I love to write. 

My philosophy on investing? Mainly, I do not believe in domestic active stock management. So, as you might have guessed I generally prefer passive domestic stock management. We can get into that sometime if you so desire. There's more to it than that.

What else....Well, on any given day my car is probably the cleanest in the tri-county area. I'm obsessive compulsive in that way. I'm a lawn care aficionado. I'm a huge fan of cheesy action movies. The cheesier and over the top the better!

I'm a CERTIFIED FINANCAL PLANNER™ and very proud of it. The process was very difficult and it took a lot of self-discipline.

I have a lovely, patient and pretty wife along with 4 perfect kids. Oh, and they're all currently under the age of 5. Oh, and the youngest are twins. Wanna babysit?

So there, that's me in a nutshell.