Solutions We Provide

Investment Advice

We'll Help You Determine When You Should Take Social Security & How Much You Will Get

Together, We'll Figure Out How Much You Need Saved For Retirement

We Can Guide You Through The Medicare Process

Tax Planning & Tax Prep *in certain cases

Help You In Getting Your Affairs In Order

For Investments Moved To RP Zeigler Investment Services, Inc.

Amount Of InvestmentsAnnual Cost
$0 - $500,0001.25%
$500,001 - $1mil1.00%
$1mil - $2mil0.75%
$2mil - $3mil0.60%
$3mil - $4mil0.50%
$4mil and up0.30%

This cost structure is a good fit for folks who have investments that are able to be moved to RP Zeigler Investment Services, Inc. from another investment firm, who have cash at their bank not earning enough interest, or have an old 401(k) they're able to rollover from a previous job.

All costs include investment management and all the financial planning topics mentioned above (if requested by contract).

An annual minimum fee may apply.

Accounts managed by RP Zeigler Investment Services, Inc. are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional and likely include, but are not limited to, ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, CDs, and/or bonds

*please refer to form ADV for full fee disclosure*

1-Hour Ask Me Anything
Cost: $350

In-person, on the phone or virtually, let's chat. If something is keeping you up at night, and you just want to talk about it for an hour, this cost structure is for you. This is a fairly simple 2-step process:

  1. Schedule a quick, 15-minute phone call so you can tell me what's going on.
  2. After the call, we'll get you on the calendar for an hour long get-together.

If you're thinking about or worried about any of these topics, then reach out today!

  • Retirement
  • Taxes
  • Inflation
  • Investments
  • Your estate documents (or lack thereof)
  • Interest rates
  • Changing jobs
  • Social Security
  • Roth IRAs
  • Traditional IRAs
  • An old 401(k)
  • A new 401(k)

Nearly anything related to money, we can most likely help you out with. Even if it's not listed above.

If something's on your mind, reach out today. Let's talk!

*please refer to form ADV for full fee disclosure*

Monthly Subscription Model

Transfer your investments to us, or don't. With this model, we don't care. Paying for services on a monthly basis is simply a way of life these days. At my house it's the gym, the internet, streaming TV, music and preschool, just to name a few. At RP Zeigler Investment Services, Inc., we offer a similar monthly subscription cost structure for young professionals, and for folks within a few years of retirement. Here's what you get with your monthly subscription:

  1. A face to face, ongoing personal relationship with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ professional.
  2. A written financial plan addressing all of your financial concerns. We will also cover financial planning basics such as emergency funds, estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, risk management and investment management.
  3. Ongoing communication with the firm. Whether it's a phone call, an email, an in-person meeting, a video conference, or social media direct message, we will be in regular contact with you. If you call us, we will call you back. if you email us, we will email you back. While we cannot control the economy or the stock markets, we are able to control our level of commitment to you.
  4. Asset allocation advice for your employer sponsored retirement plan such as a 401(k) or 403(b).
  5. Advice on 401(k) vs ROTH(k) & Traditional IRA vs ROTH IRA.
  6. Investment advice. Here's the best part: we don't care if you move your investments to us or not. You'll get sound investment advice regardless where your investments are located. (If applicable. Accounts managed by RP Zeigler Investment Services, Inc. are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional and generally will include, but are not limited to, ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, CDs, and/or bonds)

This cost structure is a great fit for folks who's investments may be tied up in their local business, their 401(k) at their current job, but who are looking for a financial planner to help them manage their investments, children's college savings plan(s), and create a written financial plan for them nonetheless.

Initial Cost: $875

Ongoing monthly cost: $245

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Please make note: The scope of financial planning and investment management will be tailored to each individual situation and will depend on the needs of each client/household. RP Zeigler Investment Services, Inc. nor any of its employees serves as a tax professional, estate planning attorney or tax attorney. Neither RP Zeigler Investment Services, Inc. or any if its employees prepares tax returns or estate planning documents.

*please refer to form ADV for full fee disclosure*